Our latest course, Precalculus 3: Trigonometry, is now live on Udemy. It’s 52 hours of very exciting content about triangles and stuff. No, seriously, this is a big course, full of content, and with lots of solved problems. It will give you a very solid understanding of trigonometry, both its origins and applications.

You’re also given a crash course (6 hours) in Euclidean geometry, so don’t worry if you don’t remember this one from school. You’ll get it here.

You’ll find the outline to the course here. For coupons, check the menu item “Coupons” above, or use our referral code.

This is the deal: sometimes the referral code gives you the best price, depending on if Udemy has a promo going at that point in time. Other times our monthly code gives you a better price. That is the code you’ll find under “Coupons” in the menu, and that changes every month (as I write this, it’s TPOT_NOV22).

I hope we’ll see you there!