The Power of Two

Math in depth



A quartet of courses that prepare you for further studies in mathematics at higher levels.

Calculus 3, part 1


Our Calculus courses are very deep on theory and with many examples and problem solving.

Linear algebra 1

Linear Algebra and Geometry

Our class leading (pun intended) course in Linear Algebra and Geometry

Calculus 3, part 1

Free Courses

We have a few shorter and free courses.

Our plans

This gives an overview of what we have done so far and what our plans look like for the following years.

Distance teaching

In this 10-minutes long video I (Hania) tell you about my journey from the classroom, via Zoom, to recording courses and publishing them online. In the video I speak Swedish, but there are subtitles in English and in Polish. In this video you can see my work place. Nowadays I use it for recording our courses for Udemy.

Questions? Ideas? Requests?

If you have questions or ideas for us, go to our blog page where you’ll find comments and answers from other users and where you can post your own comments and queries. We’re pretty good with answering them.