Hania on distance teaching in mathematics

In this 10-minutes long video I (Hania) tell you about my journey from the classroom, via Zoom, to recording courses and publishing them online. In the video I speak Swedish, but there are subtitles in English and in Polish. In this video you can see my work place. Nowadays I use it for recording our courses for Udemy.

Linear Algebra and Geometry 3

Our new course on Udemy has been published on October the 21st, 2021. The link will lead you to the course with “current best price” in your region. If the price is too high, try applying our coupon code TPOT_DEC21 in December 2021 (and later TPOT_JAN22 in January, TPOT_FEB22 in February, and so on).

Link to Linear Algebra and Geometry 3 with coupon code.

This link will lead you to the list with the content of the course (the titles of all the videos, the texts of all the problems solved during the course).

And here you can see the video which should make you want to see the entire course: