Calculus 3, part 1 of 2

We are producing course material for mathematics at university and college level. Hania is our math artist, and she’s teaching at university in Sweden.

The promotional video for the Udemy course.

This is our first course and we published it in August 2020 on You can find an exhaustive table of contents in the following document:


The upcoming part 2 will contain multiple integrals and vector calculus (vector fields, line integrals, surface integrals, flux).

If you use the link below, you will get the best reduction we can give you at any time. Note that the code regularly changes.

Link to the course with a coupon code applied:

Calculus 3, part 1 of 2 with code.

The code is TPOT_JAN22 in January 2022, and later TPOT_FEB22 in February 2022, TPOT_MAR22 in March 2022, and so on.

Link to the course with “current best price in your region”:

Calculus 3, part 1 of 2 current best price.


The following are (large) PDF documents with the lecture notes in Swedish from when Hania gave this course in Uppsala and then in Västerås.


3 Replies to “Calculus 3, part 1 of 2”

  1. Hello,I really hope to have more courses on calculus, including courses on one-element calculus. I sincerely hope that I can offer courses on probability and statistics. I am from China. Hania’s courses are really helpful to me. Thanks again to Mr. Hania. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Shuai,
    Thank you for your comments. I am now almost done with recording the last part of Linear Algebra and Geometry. When this one is published, I will start recording the entire Calculus series: Calculus in several variables is already out there, so now is the time for Calculus 1 and 2 (in one variable). I plan to make four Calculus curses:
    – Calculus 1, limits and continuity
    – Calculus 1, derivatives and their applications
    – Calculus 2, integrals
    – Calculus 2, sequences and series.
    I haven’t planned any statistics and probability yet, but I will probably record some course on these topics after I am done with my mathematical courses (after Calculus: ODE, Precalculus in 4 parts, Complex numbers, Abstract Algebra, Discrete Mathematics), so it will take a while 🙂
    Kind regards,

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